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Jake and Micah know catnip and fortune cookies

(Pirates and paws)

Oh boy do they ever! Okay, so Jake and Micah are actually the cats, and Mei is the owner/creator of the site, but the products are adorable and fun. The "about us" page gives the history of the site and a bit about Jake and Micah, but these little bits really sum up what the site itself is about:
Jake & Micah combines a designer's love of animals, fondness for sewing and experience in fashion.
The idea for Jake & Micah began in 2007 when frustrated with the
selection of cat products found in pet boutiques, Mei decided to design
her own cat toys and accessories. The goal of Jake & Micah is to
create products that are unique and fun but also safe from pesticides.
All items are handcrafted with your pet's happiness in mind. We use
only the freshest, sweetest certified organic catnip in all our toys.
Your kitty will know the difference immediately.

Do you think that's what made me explore the site, though? Of course not. I didn't read that until I was writing this post and figured I should say something about the site as a whole.

What got my attention were the quirky toys that the catnip was packaged in. They have several varieties of "fortune cookies" along with other asian "dishes" to order for takeout. Oh, and then things like the swiss miss rolls, collars, and mats, too. The prices are surprisingly reasonable and if you're one to pamper your pets with cute toys like this, Jake and Micah are right up your alley.

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