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List of 99 things you should have already experienced on the internet

....unless you're a loser or old. ;-)

You should have seen this

This is the absolute ultimate in internet lists. If you've been around the internet for a few years, you've probably seen many of these. If you've been here for a long time, you should've seen most (all!) of these, and if not, go go go....view the ones you don't recognize!

All the classics are there and if you're bored, it's fun to go through and enjoy some of them you haven't seen in a while.

Here's a few from the list so you know what you're getting into (a few of them have even been mentioned here on QJ):

  • Dancing baby
  • Charlie bit me
  • Mentos and diet Coke
  • Numa Numa
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time
  • All your base are belong to us
  • Star Wars kid
  • Rick roll!
  • Christian the Lion
  • Where the hell is Matt
  • Sneezing Panda
  • Ok Go - Here it goes again 
  • Daft hands
And 86 other great internet phenomena! Really, clear your schedule and go at it. You'll have a blast. :) Have the kids home with you for the summer? Call them in and enjoy some of the classic humor pieces together....chalk it up to summer educational activities!

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