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Smile, smile, smile....because you're great :)

And I mean it.

I don't really mess with Twitter any more, but it's times like this that I'm glad I still stop by every now and then to discover gems like this. Yesterday was Friendship Day and I saw multiple tweets that gave a "Happy Friendship Day!" shoutout to various friends.

One particular guy, Warren Whitlock, tweeted this:
When I saw tweeps wishing "Happy Friendship Day" I was reminded of the guy who really got it.. http://budurl.com/valid
Hmm, a guy that really "gets it"? So I clicked and read the post that simply said "take a  few minutes and watch this movie." It wasn't until "a few minutes" had already passed that I actually looked at how long the video was and almost closed it because it was 16 minutes long! This is the internet....my attention span doesn't allow for concentration on a single thing for 16+ minutes!

Okay, so I still did other things while I watched it, but I didn't close it and it was worth those 16 minutes. It's one of those heart warming "aww" moments repeatedly over 16 minutes.

Really, you should smile, and I hope you watch this video and that it makes you smile a few times. Remember, you're great. :)

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