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Top 100 One Liner Jokes and Comments

We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police.

Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason.

We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.

Did you know that dolphins are so smart that within a few weeks of captivity, they can train people to stand on the very edge of the pool and throw them fish?
Top 100 One Liners is a site that lists just that....a whole bunch of one-liners. People can rate them and the top 100 are updated 4 times a day so they're always moving around and changing order. You can also request a random one-liner or check out teh latest submissions.

kathcom said...

I love all four of your picks, especially the one about politicians.
I have an apron with the line about pizza. And the one about acting grownup is so true that I'm just going to meditate on it for a while. Thanks for the site info!

Anonymous said...

COoll!!!that was funny!!!
check this link for more jokes...

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