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Dry erase wall paint -- Write your thoughts anywhere!

Okay guys, I want this even more than the Mario wallpaper. No joke, this is absolutely ingenious and I'd use it constantly. I can think of so many places that this stuff would be amazing, but I don't have to. Ideapaint gives dozens of ideas and reasons to use dry erase Markee paint in your home, at school, and at work. Here are some of the basic reasons:

  Larger dry-erase surface for less $
  Just one coat
  No cracking, peeling, staining or yellowing
  No costly removal – just paint over it
  Uses fewer raw materials
  60 lbs less than other whiteboards its size
  Least expensive to ship and install
  Erases effortlessly
  As smooth as the surface you paint
  No seams

Not to mention that it's formaldehyde-free (unlike many dry-erase surfaces), and sticking with dry erase instead of chalk cuts down on issues with allergies and asthma, plus keeps more dust out of the electronics. Wouldn't that be great in schools?

And how about at work? In the meeting rooms, inside office spaces, in the cafeterias (changing daily menus :D), etc. Or how about for schedule areas like in the hospital nursing station where everyone's going on and off duty at different times? Really, go check out the main site for all sorts of places this stuff would be so convenient and ideas you'd probably never think of yourself.

At home, well, I wouldn't want to encourage kids to write on walls or anything, but....how freakin' cool would that be?? To have a playroom where you can just write right on the walls? Okay, fine, so if that wouldn't be allowed, how about in the office for jotting down to-do lists. Sounds a bit boring to me to me, but hey, maybe when I'm not looking, you'd doodle a little, too. ;)

Obviously it's a bit pricey (you can write on it!!), but if you're going to be spending money on paint anyway, or if it'd cut down on costs in the long run (less paper, not having to buy dry erase boards in the first place, fewer cleaning supplies and paint when the kids write on the walls anyway), then why not?

Check out Markee dry erase magic paint and it looks like it's even more reasonably priced. Oh, and it dries clear, too, so you don't have to choose from the dull colors like white and beige in order to be able to draw on your walls. I know I sound like an advertisement, but I'm in love with this stuff, and if I can't have it, hopefully others will get it, hehe.

Erika Jean said...

My sisters walls growing up were dry erase board. IT was AWESOME.

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