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Talk like a Pirate Day - September 19

I'll spare you the cliches and puns here. I won't even type like a pirate! Instead, check out these rules if you 'really' want to be like a pirate. ;)

Here are some examples:
  1. Pirate Law: "ARRRRRRRRRRR..." is a perfectly acceptable answer to any question.

  2. A pirate does not "go shopping". Unless by "shopping", you mean "killing".

  3. Peglegs must be made of timber or some other suitable wood. Plastic, ceramic, porcelain, or metal peglegs are utterly unnacceptable, simply because it complicates the use of the phrase "shiver me timbers".

  4. Real pirates have chest hair. If you cannot grow chest hair, you may be a cabin boy.

  5. Under no circumstances is a comb-over an acceptable pirate hairdo.

  6. No pirate may ever change his shirt because it is "wrinkled". A pirate may only change his shirt if it is completely soaked in blood.

  7. When drinking, Pirates may sing. "Fifteen Men on a Dead Man's Chest" is preferred. Kelly Clarkson songs are not allowed.

  8. No pirate shall ever drive a minivan, unless he drives the minivan into a tavern, for the purposes of looting barrels of rum from said tavern. Upon completion of this task, the minivan is to be burned. No exceptions.

  9. No matter how hard it is raining, two pirates may never share an umbrella. Pirates do not fear rain.

Erika Jean said...

did you know you can set your facebook language to Pirate? hehe. I did it one day, but it confused me too much and I had to change it back!

hair loss said...

No, i don't like to be a pirate, You have shown awesome way to be like that.

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