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I'm posting mostly over at Quirky Cookery right now, where I play with my food and teach you to have fun with it, too. Come check me out?

Quirky Christmas ornaments -- Creepy, bizarre, offensive, and just plain weird, too, yikes!

Following the theme of my last post, here's some Christmas stuff 3 months in advance. Gah, I hate this trend. I'm already getting sick of Christmas songs. Isn't that sad? It's not even November yet, much less the end of December. Double gah!

You didn't really want more Halloween posts, though, right? Right??


This post is really interesting, no matter what time of the year. It's a collection of a whopping 54 ornaments, and it'll have you gasping and giggling. Some might offend some people like the unborn baby trooper which features a fetus packing fighter gear or the Bin Laden combo with bombs and skulls. Oh, and there are some non-PG-13 ones there, too, so don't click if you're young enough to need to cover your eyes.

Others are funnier, though, and would only offend you if you're the type of person who goes on a rampage about society being fat and unruly when someone mentions McDonald's.

If that's the case, why are you even on this site? Seriously, shoo fly. ;)

In the first paragraph, there are some links to even more off-beat holiday creations that you've probably never seen before, too, so clear your schedule for some early Christmas fun time.

Oh come on, he's cute! <3

Glen / Kent Today & Yesterday said...

Hi Quirky - clicked through from Blogengage forum. It's the same here in the UK. Christmas starts earlier every year (usually about September). Then a few days after Christmas (or so it seems) they start advertising Easter eggs!



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