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Quirky Fashion - Creative bindis for the fashion-oriented

Strangely enough, I actually first found these on a blog who had illegally scraped (stole) the content from another site. When I went to blog about them myself, I was greeted with a message about the site being shut down, so I went searching on my own to find the original source. It wasn't easy, but I finally came across the FaceProject which actually has more than just bindis and it was well worth the effort to show you guys these.

I'm going to post a few pictures from the site (hey, I'm not stealing the pictures....I'm giving you a teaser and encouraging you to view more on your own....fair use policy, so shush it). I've never seen anything as fun and unique as these when it comes to wearing a bindi. There are tons more that can be found on FaceProject. Just click "next" at the bottom to be shown three more at a time, or go back to the main site and browse through the bindi cases to see several at once, but not on faces.

(On a side note, Michelle would be so proud of me for posting about something fashion-related on my own site.)

I really like the peace sign bindi.

Part of what makes this one really stand out is his look. Just like any other accessory, it has to suit the personality.

There are some that stretch even further and risk being called "strange" or questioned about "wtf is that?" like this one:

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