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Future cellphones turn into slap bracelets of the past

As silly as the Helix seems and as unattractive as these are to me, I've gotta admit that it might actually work. The site has another picture that shows a stylish woman drinking her fast food coffee, wearing her huge sunglasses, and this is wrapped around her arm. Sure, I can see that.

Or this even:

It even sounds too good to be true with its magnetic charger that's built in as a portable charger. If you can bend it all over the place, surely it's durable enough to withstand people's drops and such, too, right?

Emily/Randomability said...

Slap on! Slap off!

Oh wait. Wrong commercial. Loved the slap bracelets and I think this would be a good concept for phones for kids. They can't lose them as easily if they are around wrists.

Jen on the Edge said...

Interesting idea, but I'd love it if they made the phone bracelet a wee bit less colorful, a bit less preschool-themed.

Quirky Jessi said...

Yeah, they're a bit too colorful for me, too, but at least the idea is cool.

Quirky Jessi said...

That "handmade beds" commenter is really starting to get annoying, huh? Sigh.

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