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I'm posting mostly over at Quirky Cookery right now, where I play with my food and teach you to have fun with it, too. Come check me out?

Quirky Jessi blog connections, other sites, updates

Yep, it's one of those rare times where instead of posting something completely random, I'm going to talk about the site itself for a few minutes.

Well, and other sites, too. First up, the reminder of where you guys can find me and/or other silly stuff I post.

Quirky Cookery - My cooking site that I finally have up and going. I post all sorts of silly kitchen products, strange recipes, and my own quirky creations.

Quirky Tumblr - I toss a ton of pictures here on a regular basis, along with the occasional links and videos. It's basically the place I throw the things that I find interesting, but not worthy of their own post here. And sometimes, they're perfectly worthy but I have such a backlog of things I could post that I put some of it there anyway.

Twitter -
I'm not there all the time and I've definitely abandoned it several
times, but I still check in regularly to share links and quotes, and to
chit chat with others. It seems I use it in spurts, so if I start fading away again, I'll probably be back soon.

Facebook - Yep, I have an account there, too, but I don't use it much. I 'have' found that it's proven quite useful in keeping in touch with those who don't use Twitter, though. I have tweets cross-posted and have found myself in a few great conversations with people on FB because of it. I've had people contact me there instead of email several times, too, so if that's your thing (or even if it's not!) be sure to send a friend request.

Gather - I rarely use this site any more because of my own time constraints mixed with the community there going down hill. When I do, though, it's mostly personal stories. I'm hoping to get up several posts about the few weeks I just spent in Vancouver. There's still plenty of "quirky" there, but I don't tend to post the personal tidbits here much any more.

Email - There's always email, too!

I'm thinking of doing a weekly or maybe monthly sort of "round up" of some of the above. I know most of you aren't subscribed to the other sites and you're missing out on some really cool stuff....but I feel like if I post some of the exact same stuff here, too, then some people end up with repeats and it's no fun.

Maybe post some of the best Tumblr pictures I put up in one post here every so often? I could do the same with the cooking site, but not as frequently since it's pretty new and I don't post quite as often there yet. I haven't quite decided, but I think you'll be seeing a bit of cross-over soon.

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