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A Polaroid everyday for 10 years...and one day

We've surely all seen the 365 projects that have become really popular over the last few years, right? Someone vows to take a picture of him/herself every day for a year. There are plenty of variations now, too, vowing to take pictures of anything or specific things, but it started with the personal pictures.

Well Marc Tasman was way ahead of his time. Back in 1999 he started taking a picture of himself using a Polaroid camera every day. 10 years (and one day!) later, those images are part of a super-sped up video showing every single one. The video is only a little over 5 minutes long to cram all 4600+ Polaroid pictures into it (but there's still plenty of time to actually 'see' the pictures, see change, see differences, etc). Amazing.

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