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Tea Closet/Hangers - Hang your tea like you hang your shirts

This is where squealy girls would say "Too cute!!" because uh, it's kinda cute, don't you think? Instead of pulling bags out of a box or canister, they're all hung neatly on your countertop in a cozy little closet for all to admire. This is just begging for a pun about Tea-shirts, huh?

Oh, and if creative tea stuff is your...erm...cup of tea....then follow the link for some awesome light tea. No, as in, really lights up and is fluorescent.

Francesca said...

I love this! It is too cute...productive comment, I know...x

Quirky Jessi said...

Haha, well for a lot of stuff I post, that's the best comment you could post anyway, so don't worry about them being too productive. ;)

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