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Generation T teaches you to turn your old t-shirts into new fun


You can thank @khorre for showing me the Generation T site. The idea behind the site is simple but creative:
Everybody has a stash of old T-shirts won at sporting events, brought home from rock concerts, gathered at thrift stores, or saved as a random leftover of a relationship that didn’t quite work out (hey, he never came back to claim his Clash T-shirt?—it’s yours). Each T-shirt has a story, and it would be, sentimentally speaking, out of the question to get rid of it. So, in the spirit of environmentalism and anti-consumerism, Megan resuscitates, recycles, and refashions them.
Starting back in 2005, she has a couple books out by now, too, and the site is going strong. You'll find lots of do-it-yourself projects to turn your old tees into new clothing and accessories. Some are really easy, only involving a few cuts and maybe a thread and needle. Others are a bit more complex.


If you have an old collection of t-shirts or a kid who is already racking up the tees from all his/her sporting and school events, this is a fun way to downsize while still holding onto the treasures. Or if you just have some old shirts that you've outgrown or are too worn to wear any more, recycle them into something entirely new!

Easy Halloween fun, hehe.

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Emily/Randomability said...

I think you can also quilt them too! I think that's what I'd do.

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