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Birthday Presents Personality Types (Guest)

Another guest post brought in by Modi.

Birthday Presents Personality Types
We all know love presents, no matter how old we are, what our social status is, whether we are men or women, young or old. But that degree to which we appreciate a present varies depending mainly on one unique factor: our personality. Nevertheless, there have been identified a few common patters when it comes to the ways people react upon receiving a present. It would be interesting to find out if you fall into of any of those and I would definitely love to get some feedback and comments if you think there’s more categories.  So, the main types are:
Easy going
That type of person will definitely be happy with any kind of present as they will normally value the act of being offering a present than the present itself. That kind of people are the ones that no one really worries about what present to offer them as they will be equally satisfied with a bunch of flowers and a brand new mobile phone. Sometimes they can be annoying too, especially when it comes to being offered something someone spent a long time to find or create as they will react in the same way as if they have been given the most ordinary present.
What to do: Don’t spend too much money on buying them a present as they will be happy with anything.

This is the kind of person that will thank you tens of times but in the end you will be left wondering whether they really liked your present or not. Some people really mean it being polite whereas others just use it as a way of getting out of an unpleasant situation if, for instance, they were offered something they didn’t like at all. Again, when it comes to extremes it can be very annoying (e.g. say thank you one hundred times for a box of chocolate).
What to do: Just get prepared for another one of the same reaction and do not bother whether they liked your present or not. You will find out the truth when they will give you a present back (if they ever will).

Hard to please
This category of people is the hardest one as they will be totally indifferent to whatever they are offered. That group includes scientists, computer geeks, professors, doctors and in general people who are very rational. There is always some reasoning for that behaviour which has to do with some sort of disapproval over the utility of the given present or on the ROI or the value for money. Sometimes they can even get pissed off if they think that money was unnecessarily spent. Not being offered anything at all though, will make them even grumpier!
What to do: Simply tell them it was a bargain and they came straight in your mind when you came across that last piece. Being unique really matters to them.

This group consists of people that will normally tell others what present they would like to get, well in advance. Usually kids, fashion artists, photographers and other kinds of day dreamers fall into that category. Sometimes they can even hurt as if they receive something that does not fall into their wish list they will even ask you whether they can change it to something else or they will even tell you later for how much they’ve sold it on Ebay!
What to do: Tell them well in advance about how bad your financial situation is and a couple of days later ask them about what they would like for their birthday. There’s no guarantee they won’t ask you for that brand new car or MacBook Pro but at least you have tried your best.

That group consists of people who won’t like at all the idea of being given a present and they may even get down upon receiving it. Typical people into that category include: grumpy aged pensioners, depressed and mentally sick, prisoners and inmates, recently divorced and other heartbroken, couples who have been together over 20 years and all pessimistic kind of people.
What to do: Don’t bother buying them anything unless you want to see them suffering another nervous breakdown on their special day. Just tell them how much you love them and that they should be happy they still have the biggest present ever: life! Then one hug and a kiss should do the job.

If can think of more personality types please do make some comments!

Modi is an internet marketer working for an SEO promoting gadgets.

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