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Hopscotch Rug - Wipe your feet and jump a few!

How fun could this be? Although the price tag is too high for me, wouldn't this hopscotch rug be cool to have that in a kid's room, the garage, or even the foyer (assuming you're not too formal :P)? Rainy or snow days don't have to limit the outdoor feel and hey, at least they'll be wiping their feet as they hop down the hall.

Emily/Randomability said...

That is AWESOME!!!

Ohhhh... we need some of the Kindergarten rug in the kids rooms.

Ryan said...

Great article as always, As you know I'm a fan of your blog - so I'm sharing the Prolific Blogger award with you - go here to claim it: http://www.scotlandhereandnow.com/

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