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Toilet fences - Toilet humor now practical? (Guest)

Guest post by Jay of Fence Houston

We have seen fences made from just about everything, from coat hangers, to raw boats, from bones (from animals like whales, not from humans) to giant crayons. But among the quirkiest are toilet fences. Amazingly, I am comfortably able to use the plural "fences", because there are indeed several examples of toilet fences.

What on earth would inspire a toilet fence? Why now a bathtub fence of a sink fence? Why not a chair fence?

Some think it's funny, and I suppose it is. A toilet has a certain cachet.

Others erect their fences in protest - and a toilet certainly makes a statement. A fine example of a protest toilet fence is the one in Cincinnati, Ohio. The owners were denied the right to erect a 6-foot high cedar fence, but a toilet fence apparently didn't contravene any local ordinances.

Whatever the reason, I think you have to be quite a quirky person to surround your house with toilets. More samples of toilet fences can be found at http://www.fencefence.com/stories/toilet-fence.html

Thanks Jay!

Anonymous said...

My only question is, where does one get all those toilets to make such a fence? Plus, I think a bathtub fence would be great, but thats just me.

Quirky Jessi said...

Ya know, I hadn't even thought about that! I have no idea where they'd get them all, ha.

Sarah said...

I wonder if there's anyone dare to prank these home owners by taking a dump on one of the toilet bowls.

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