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Show me those ears - Quirky bares all

Okay, so maybe not 'all' but I have been a very, very busy little bunny over the last few weeks. If you're friends with me on Facebook, you already know this. If you're not, you should be! Duh. :P

No really, you've really been missing out. I've found that FB is quite the great link dump when I have it set up to auto-feed from other places (like Tumblr). And I've been meeting some of the most amazing people (read: incredibly silly, but awesome people like DIY Marketing Nerd Jen and Crazy Jef).

That means, I've also started some new projects, posted hundreds of things you guys haven't even seen, and bared all in a few different ways. So over the next couple weeks, the goal is to sorta catch you guys up here. You'll probably be seeing several "link dump" type posts where I point you to several different quirky locations all in the same post instead of featuring individual ones.

You'll still be getting normal posts. You have to; they're already scheduled. :P But it's just a head's up that there might be even more posts and a ton more links, so clear your schedule for some quirky time. Your spouses, kids, dying grandmothers, and dogs won't mind one bit. It's worth it. :P

Oh yeah, and expect to see way more ears. I've got 'em in pink, yellow, white, and two shades of blue. ;) If you want more now, you know where to find them.

fairyhedgehog said...

You're so young and pretty and not a rabbit at all!

Quirky Jessi said...

Yep, I'm a youngin', although not as young as I look. After all, I did get my degree a couple years ago, so it's not like I'm 14 or anything, lol.

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