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Facebook Flashback Friday - Sushi cake, transformer owls, and the history of the world

One more in a series of link dump compilations including all the ridiculous things I've found and shared elsewhere. There are lots more shared on Quirky Jessi's Facebook, but here's some to catch you up:

  • Where did it go? Watch closely to see evidence disappear before your eyes. I bet it's just smarties, right?

  • Sushi birthday cake with full instructions and pictures of other people's versions:
  • When beautiful actors play ordinary/real people
  • Transformer owls. Don't worry, you don't need to understand what they're saying. Just watch the birds and if you want further explanation of when it gets bigger/smaller specifically, then check out the description.

  • Enough Plumbers! This is a Mario-esque type game, but not. It's takes the concept of Mario (jumping around, collecting coins, funny sound effects) and turns it into a new puzzle game where as you collect each coin, you increase the number of plumbers you're playing at once. It can get really crazy, but fun. Try it out. :) 
  • Ingenious label design that ensure the food you're getting is fresh. The hourglass stickers use a special ink that changes colors as ammonia is released inside, indicating when the meat gets older. Cool, huh?
  • A brief history of pretty much everything. No really, it's all there. :D
Link in case this video can't be viewed here Through May 19

Andrew said...

Cool "quirky" collection of wacky and interesting links! I thought the Brief History of Pretty Much Everything was hilarious. Great drawings...

Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

All of the videos are all fun, but the guy eating the card or evidence was really funny.

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