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More nerdy tattoos

yoda tattoo

Here's a list of 10 nerdy tattoos that the author describes as "the most horrifying." Most are freshly done so if you're squeamish about open cuts or the sight of blood, you likely shouldn't click, but the tattoos themselves are really well done (like the dragon) and not "horrifying" in my mind at all.There's even an NES controller* and Pacman!

Then again, I like nerdy things. ;)

* The controller is sadly the most "horrifying" because it shows two very fresh, bloody pictures, and it's rather large....like, larger than an actual controller would be, so not the greatest, but oh well.

1 comments so far. What are your thoughts?
Emily/Randomability said...

I'd like to see them when they are all done.

THAT would be cool...

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