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Quirky pregnancy signs (Guest)

Another guest post here from Tania....love this one! If you've ever been pregnant, had a pregnant spouse, or found yourself reading too many mommy bloggers, you'll get a chuckle out of several of these.

I was so touched by a small gift that a friend gave me that I actually
cried, I knew it was time to take a pregnancy test. It was, of course,
positive. Pregnancy can be hilarious, especially when it is not our
pregnancy we’re looking it. With all those unpleasant pregnancy signs
and symptoms, the best defense is arming ourselves with a sense of
humor. Let’s take a look at the top ten quirky pregnancy habits. These
weird and wonderful habits will have you spitting out your drink... but
if you have a weak stomach, this is not for you!

You know that you are pregnant when...

  1. You
    have visited every toilet in the mall multiple times, often only
    minutes apart. Your reasons for running to the toilet as quickly as you
    might vary throughout your pregnancy, from morning sickness to the need
    to pee every five minutes, but the restroom marathon will only end when
    you give birth.
  2. You
    wake up in the middle of the night with a terrible craving for your
    favorite ice cream (or insert the craving of your choice here!), but you
    start feeling sick and throw up halfway through your snack. Who said
    morning sickness only happened in the morning? When you are done
    vomiting, you return to your snack as if nothing ever happened.
  3. You
    start crying when your computer crashes, when your bank manager calls
    you to discuss that overdraft, or when your husband says he’ll be ten
    minutes late for that lunch. And that TV commercial is so touching that
    you can’t stop sobbing. Even if you were an ice queen before you got
  4. You
    are willing to drive for an hour to get your favorite nachos to go, and
    eat them in under ten minutes during the drive back home.
  5. Forget about the pickled gherkins... you could drink all the vinegar out of that jar!
  6. When your water breaks, you have to do the smell test to make sure you didn’t pee yourself!
  7. You
    think getting up at midnight to put the new baby’s crib together is a
    perfectly reasonable thing to do. And you might as well paint the room
    while you are at it, too!
  8. You forget that you can no longer squeeze in between two parked cars because of your baby bump, and you get stuck!
  9. When you put the dirty dishes in the washing machine instead of the sink.
  10. You
    can’t tie your own shoe laces any more. Or even see your feet, for that
    matter. And you have had to ask store assistants to tie your laces for
    you after trying on maternity clothes.
Do you have your own favorite pregnancy memory to add? Please let us know what quirky habits you had when you were expecting!

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