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How to Dodge the "Creep" Category

I've dealt with my fair share of creeps but one of my favorites was a guy who hit on me in my college library. I could barely understand him and I was pushing hard to finish up a paper, so didn't really notice that he was trying to flirt with me.


Long story short, he finally asked me a direct question and after having him repeat it a couple times, thinking he actually needed help, I finally made out "Do you know where the squirrels are?" Given that he was rather scroungy and the weirdness that had already happened, I thought maybe he was homeless and a bit crazy.


"Um, the squirrels?" I asked back, hoping that I just misunderstood, but nope. He followed up with "Well a fox like you should know where all the squirrels are." *groans* Lol!


Anyway, here's another guest post from Julee about how to avoid being a creep.

When it comes to dating, it’s helpful for a man to have a good reputation. Being considered funny, charming or good looking is a great way to keep your calendar full four weekends a month, while having a reputation as being mean or sleazy will ensure that you spend many Saturday nights alone. Still, if there is one label you want to avoid above all others, it's the "creep" label. Nothing is more long-lasting or damaging than getting hit with the creep label because it’s the complete opposite of a perfect date. Here are some tips for dodging this slimy rep.

 Don't Observe Too Much

It is fun and clever to make comments about your surroundings and the people in it, but pointing out that your waiter could be like Dexter on Showtime is a creepy observation. You don't want your date thinking you've got serial killers on the brain.

With that in mind, stay away from commenting on other women. Regardless of whether or not you are being complimentary or insulting, nothing says "I'm really hoping to turn you off" better than commenting on the perfection or the imperfectness of another woman's body. Most women don't think they are perfect and unless you're perfect yourself, you shouldn't talk.


Nothing says creepy quite like a petty and bitter comment about an ex-girlfriend. She might have stolen your IPad, or kissed your brother, but the time to care about that is over and done. Now it's time to focus on the woman you're with. So avoid mentioning ex-girlfriends at all. If they do come up, instead of spewing hate such as "It was hell and that's where I hope she ends up someday," try to say something simple like, "It just didn't work out, but I wish her the best." It might not be the truth, but this is far less creepy.

Don't Stare

This rule is as simple as it gets. Women enjoy being looked at and appreciate the attention, but staring is weird and it makes them wonder what you're thinking. And while this should go without saying, make sure to keep your eyes on her eyes. It's okay to notice the rest of her, but remember you are talking to her, not her shirt.

The key to dodging the creep category is to be respectful and make a woman feel comfortable. A step down from “creepy” is “
desperate” and you want to avoid both. Commenting on other women, bad mouthing your ex-girlfriends, and having your eyes glued on her or anyone else's body are going to put you in the creepy category. And once that happens, you can say goodbye to your dating life.

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These tips could not be more one point. IT is weird when men do those things.

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