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Weird Tourist Destinations (Guest)

(Guest post from Heather here for you) 
Tourist attractions can bring life to otherwise dying towns, and the quest to find unusual sights can become a fun way to pass the time during family vacations. Here is a list of some of the top weird tourist destinations in the United States; next time you hit the road, keep these attractions in mind when the kids or the adults are looking for something different to do!
1. The Marfa Lights
What they are: Yellowish-green floating orbs that appear on clear nights and have even scientists stumped. Some people think they are mirages in the Texas desert, others think they are evidence that aliens are among us.
Perfect for: UFO believers, or anyone interested in the unexplained
Where to find them: Mitchell Flats, near Marfa, Texas
Cost: Free
When to visit: On clear nights to see the lights, or time your visit and go on Labor Day Weekend to visit the three-day Marfa Lights Festival.

2. Carhenge
What it is: A life-size Stonehenge replication built out of junked automobiles that have been painted gray to resemble the famous stones.
Perfect for: People who want to see Stonehenge but can’t afford to travel outside the U.S.
Where to find it: County Road 59, in Alliance, Nebraska
Cost: Free
When to visit: This attraction is open 365 days a year, but visit during daylight hours for the best view.
3. Toilet Seat Art Museum
What it is: A private home museum featuring over 1,000 decorated toilet seat covers.
Perfect for: People who are interested in strange collections or works of art
Where to find it: San Antonio, Texas
Cost: Free
When to visit: Call first, 210-824-7791
4. World’s Largest Ball of Twine
What it is: The biggest ball of twine in the world ever to be built by one individual.  There was a song written about it by Weird Al Yankovic, and Clark Griswold was keen on the idea of large twine balls in National Lampoon’s Vacation.
Perfect for: Fans of National Lampoon’s Vacation or Weird Al Yankovic, and people who like to look at really big things.
Where to find it: Darwin, Minnesota
Cost: Free
When to visit: Visit when it’s warm outside, because you’ll be standing outdoors to view the attraction; the second Saturday in August is Twine Ball Days.

5. Oregon Vortex
What it is: House of Mystery that was featured in a 1999 episode of the X-Files appears to defy the laws of physics, with brooms that stand on their own, things seem to roll uphill, and everything hangs at a strange slant.
Perfect for: X-Files fans, or anyone interested in things that defy the laws of physics
Where to find it: Gold Hill, Oregon
Cost: Children 5 and under are free; other prices range up to $9.75 for adults
When to visit: This attraction is only open from March 1 – October 31

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