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Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone App Development

With the launch of iPhone 5 and the latest iOS 6, the hype over iPhone has risen like never before. Most users are updating their devices like the iPad, iPhone, and Mac machine to the latest iOS 6 as well. The iPhone has gained attention among both developers as well as users alike. The rising popularity of the device has also made way in developing various applications. The apps are developed based on the customer demand and the market trends. Most App developers consider iOS platform to launch their apps due to its user friendly and interactive nature.

There are few common reasons why most developers choose the iPhone platform.

  • Due to the popularity of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, the Smartphone sector is mostly dominated by iPhone. There are ample opportunities in this sector for developers to build user friendly applications in the field of entertainment, navigation, multimedia, sports, games, and much more.
  • The Software Development Kit (SDK) of the iPhone can be used by the developers to create and launch their apps in the Apple App store. The apple SDK provides all necessary tools for the iPhone app development. There are various companies who are successful in developing and launching huge number of apps for iOS platform. The developers can be hired to build apps based on the client idea.
  • The iPhone apps and its popularity. The iPhone apps can be utilized to perform various tasks, like browsing the web, games, entertainment, personal data, etc.
Even though there are multiple advantages regarding the iPhone platforms, there are few hitches to it. The few notable disadvantages include -

  • One of the biggest difficulties faced by most iPhone users is that they cannot run two apps simultaneously at a same time. When the user is busy on one application, he can choose to run another app by closing the first one.  
  • The iOS platform does not allow its users to utilize third party applications unless it is jailbroken. A Jailbreak helps the user to access new apps, various extensions, themes, etc. that cannot be accessed directly from the Apple App Store.
  • Yet another issue faced by iPhone users is the Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth file transfer is allowed between two iPhone users alone. The iPhone user cannot share or transfer a file to other vendor devices.

Julian Robert, based in New Hampshire, is a copywriter at Zco Corporation and is interested in iPhone app development and mobile technology.

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