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Blurry vs. Focused--Ah, What a Unified Pair

"A child watches a jaguar cub at La Aurora zoo in Guatemala city, in 2003. The United States announced its biggest ever "debt-for-nature" swap, forgiving 24 million dollars of Guatemala's foreign debt to Washington in exchange for a pledge to protect tropical forests in the central American nation."

No, I'm not going to talk about debt, nature, politics, or why that poor little jaguar looks so pitiful. Instead, I want to point out why I like this kind of photography. Many (most?) of the photos we see with basic news articles today, aren't of that great of quality....they're boring, plain, straight on, let's-get-to-the-point photos, and although some really jump out at the reader, most of them don't. This one doesn't necessarily either, and I've definitely seen better, but for a news article on Yahoo, of all places, I like to see that it's not just some random photo pulled from a file (well, actually, if you notice the date, it really is, but hey, at least it has substance and personality...yes, a photo can have those things, lol).

Anywho, the basic concept is what I wanted to point out, so stop harrassing me about personifying objects and let me get on with it. By focusing on the jaguar, and allowing the back to blur some, you still get the best of both worlds....but one at a time....instead of seeing them both as once, they appear as two separate, yet united subjects. There are better examples of this out there, obviously, but I ran across this one today, and so here it is.

And did I mention that they both look sad and alone? Awwww....

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