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Chasing Amy

So Dave sent me a link to the partial script that most of you have probably already heard or seen. It's been sitting in an opened tab on my screen for the last several days and now I'll post the very last bit of dialogue...the rest of it isn't relevant to my question.

Bob: No, idiot, it was a mistake. I wasn't disgusted with her, I was afraid. In that moment, I felt small, like I lacked experience, like I'd never be enough for her or something like that, you know what I'm saying? But what I did not get: she didn't care. She wasn't looking for that guy any more. She was looking for me, for the Bob. But by the time I figured this all out, it was too late. She had moved on. And all I had to show for it was some foolish pride which gave way to regret. She was the girl. I know that now. But I pushed her away. So I spend every day since then chasing Amy.
Does everyone have an "Amy" or "the one that got away" sort of person? I don't mean necessarily right now, but in general, in a person's life, is there usually that sort of person (even if stretched a bit to include a friend or a possible partner that never was)?

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