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Econ Problem Part One-The Box

I made a mistake. I'll admit it. I came into this class expecting facts and figures...onet that always apply...ones that are absolute trughts. Accounting courses gave me that, more or less. And Marketing/Advertising courses claim no such thing and willingly give you 'possible' resources. But Econ....Econ falls somewhere in between, doesn't it? Only with a whole more funky, semi-useless graphs and a lot less creativity and thinking outside the box. In fact, unless I force myself to stay 'inside' the box, I struggle.

Jessi does not stay in the box.

Jessi sits cross-legged on top of the box.

The box is neither my friend nor my enemy. It is just a box. The box. And I merely survive on the outside of it. They've tried to force me inside on more than one occasion but that's not the box's fault. He was against it just as much as I was, but we tried anyway and have come to terms that we can coexist happily as long as we have our own space. My space is not inside.

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