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Spam Logic

"cease struggling as he was dropped, so that his bonds did not tighten.bounds of credibility that it was seeking me. My back trail was now soI felt rather than saw the Captain's indecision. But that did not lastto its source." I thought that he spoke the truth. Being small andinto a half crouch, their weapons out and ready. But they had notrest upon. TWELVE We came to the foot of the ramp and there they bidcame the two crewmen with other equipment. Then I became the object of"One is on the underside and too small for you. There can be noout, to see the ship. A very faint chance had come true, as I hadelse it is so utterly alien to us that we are repelled. There areson? And if I were recognized, could such a relationship be useful towithering reply. "Right, or straight ahead?" "Straight ahead," I said,"

That came out of a spam email....for what, I'm not sure, but I knew it was junk. From my gmail account, 99.9% of the spam is filtered out automatically, so I had to open this one and see what let it come through. Of course, it's always the words that they tack onto the bottom, in hopes of getting you to open it. It worked. I've read some amazing stories at the ends of those things that make them worth opening (because I'm certainly not going to pay attention to whatever they're trying to sell me). Yeah, yeah, I know, I shouldn't open them in the first place, but it happnes maybe once every 6 months, so whatever.

I remember reading one about the sunset over this couple's house and the thoughts of dying that entered his the guy's head, etc. It was better written than the sample above and completely logical....too bad he couldn't sell me his item by doing so. I wonder if the guy went ahead and killed himself because he wasn't making enough off his boss' products for him to be happy. And I wonder if this guy actually went straight ahead....and what if he should've gone right? I wonder how that would've changed the story that he didn't actually finish telling anyway....

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