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365 Interesting People

x 365 is absolutely amazing. Otter's 43 x 365 is where I originally found it, but she has this little tidbit about the project:

A cool trend-setter named Dan turned 40 and decided to name 365 interesting people in his life and write about one of them every day for his 40th year. He challenged others to join him. I took the challenge, made my list and am proceeding in no particular order. Except boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl order.
If you click over to her site, you'll see that this particular one is on number 288. Holy cow! Now granted, posts are only 43-44 words long, but that in itself can be quite the challenge (this coming from the girl who spent waaaayyyy too long working on her college app. because she was limited to exactly 50 and exactly 100 words to say oh so much. I'm seriously going into the wrong profession....my words will constantly be limited....*sigh*).

Anywho, I would love to participate at some point, so I want to make a specific entry about it...and hopefully, one day, I'll come back to it (because I have a tendency to go back through my really old journals from time to time so why would a blog be any different?). Of course, I'd probably sit down and write a ton of them at once and then just have them auto-post, but regardless....doesn't it sound/look interesting? To choose 365 people of interest in a person's life and write a quick, little, all entailing blurb about them.

So many people are running through my head right now. The obvious people scurried through first, but then....there are 365 opportunities....so my mind jumped right on to the less obvious ones. Like the old guy on the bus last year that struck up a conversation with me when I was riding home alone on the bus late one night. He reminded me of the standard Santa Claus image and it wasn't until afterward that I realized that most people would've been scared of him. You know? The creepy old man on a late bus, stalking young girls. He was anything but, though, and he stands out in my mind. He would make my current 365 because well, he was interesting.

In ten, twenty, thirty years, I bet I'll be able to have plenty more sets of 365. Obviously I'll have the people who will stay in my memory/heart forever, and they'd make an all-time list of people....but not all of the people who stick out to me now will have 'that' much importance later....and the people who will stick out later, I don't know yet....duh, lol. I'd love to start this soon so I could have a comparison later, but there's no way. I'm already spending too much time on 'this' blog and I've got tons of things coming up that will take away from that (that's why I'm indulging it so much right now). But someday....yes, eventually....I will indeed take this challenge...and I hope I take it more than once. It's so worth it.

(I just went and hunted down the photo up there. Typically, I try to make it eye catching, but this one seems rather ordinary, doesn't it? Lots of ordinary people in an ordinary location with ordinary smiles. Go look again, though. (Click it so you can really see.) You'll see a green mohawk in there...and another head of brighter green hair. You'll see some quirky grins....some strange looks...even a loner who tries to separate himself subconsciously. Long hair, short hair, no hair.....skinny, medium, heavy.....happy, sad, confused....men, women, children, old, young, disabled....all sorts of randomness, indeed. And I can guarantee that every one of them has a different story to tell. I wonder how many of them would make my 365 list if given the chance.)

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