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Random Googlers....Errr....Searchers

Yes, I know, I just did this recently, but I keep having random googlers (isn't it odd how that so rapidly became a verb? I feel the need to capitalize it because it's Google...but then, if I'm using it as a verb, I really shouldn't...such a conflict of formality)....and aolers (nope, it doesn't work...AOLers?....reminds me of AWOLers....AWOLees?)....and yahooers (nuh uh....nope, only googlers work...and now even that looks funny, but "everybody's doin' it....")....(still with me? hehe)....who keep randomly stumbling over my blog by randomly searching/googling/aoling/yahooing/mywebsearching for other randomness. Before they're shoved off my list of latest referrers, I want to bring attention to the two very special people who have searched for:

  • CUTE HOmemade microwave warmer---(Is there a reason that part of it is capitalized? Was it really necessary for CUTE to yell out to the search engines? Does the person realize that the engines are unlikely to even notice the difference in capitalization? And the even better question is, did they think they could point out to the search engines that they really wanted to search for CUTE HO instead of "cute homemade microwave warmer"? Was this a hidden innuendo....a Fruedian slip....or just a mere slippage of the Caps Lock key that was corrected at such an inconvenient moment?
(Cute microwave warmer, by the way....bunny!)
  • all the participants in world toilet expo 2006 in thailand, email add---(Now this one got really, really specific....the person knew *exactly* what they wanted...and did they get it? No! They got me! Quirky Jessi! The sad thing is, I didn't even write about the expo....I wrote about being "exposed" to p-ahh-p. The other references were kinda random, too, but it that long string of words took them to my November archive page....and I *highly* doubt that's what they were looking for. I recommend to this person to learn the beauty of quotation marks to further limit his/her searches. Hehe.)

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