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Halloween Awards

Keywords for College Halloween
Female-Sexy/slutty (there's a fine line between the two, huh?)

Best Comments

Male-"You are blessed....wait, which way does it go?" He tapped each shoulder and his chest, and then realized he didn't know how to do it, even though he was dressed as a priest and carrying a bible.
Female-"Wearing high heels on Halloween is a dead giveaway that you're a freshman," said the freshman in 3 in. heels after being out walking for a couple hours.
Biggest Mistakes
Male-Letting the girls wear high heels....they had to help carry them back when they were drunk and in pain.
Female-Not wearing coats.....they were in very little clothing, but didn't want to ruin their costumes by wearing the appropriate outwear even though it was below freezing.
Worst Costume
Male-Flavor Flav....on white boys.
Female-The chick in the itty bitty black dress with her ass hanging out...yes, the majority had various body parts hanging out, but this one didn't even have a theme/costume idea...it was merely a black mini.
Most Offensive Costume
Male-Steve Irwin
Female-The slutty military chicks apparently offended some of the guys that, even though they enjoyed looking at girls in tiny outfits, didn't think they should disgrace the army/navy uniforms like that.

Most Creative
Male-Bird Flu (He had bird wings/feathers and then red pox on his face)
Female-Partly Cloudy with Chances of Rain (She had a sash sort of thing across her body with cotton balls attached....she carried a water gun with her for the 'chances of rain')
Honorary Mention-The girls dressed up as Mr. T....they put a lot of effort into their outfits and hair, and they were far from slutty.

Most Overused
Male-Security/Body Guards and *white* Flavor Flavs (I swear I saw over a dozen of these)
Female-School girl...duh...and Wilma (as in, Fred and Wilma)
Most Seen Accessories
Male-Weapons and Sunglasses
Female-Knee high white stockings with bows
Male-Ticket Scalper/Hobo (He didn't spend a dime on the outfit and it was complete with carboard sign and trashbag for raingear)
Female-Bubblegum under a shoe (She wore solid pink and attached a shoe to her head)
Most Likely to Have to be Explained Repeatedly
Male-Bird Flu
Female-Bubblegum under a shoe

Most Likely to Knock You Over Accidentally
Male-Cigarette or Burrito
Female-Huge Lobster
Best Group Outfits
Male-Superheros and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Female-Fanta Girls...each a different color
Honorary Mention-I have to mention the guys from last year who dressed as the Ghostbusters and had a hard time synchronizing their tunes.....they're hard to beat
Best Couple
Priest and Sexy Nun
Honorable Mention-Handjob (She dressed as a hand, he as...yeah....she'd give him a hug and he'd squirt stuff from his water gun...)
Most Overdone Couple
Doctor and Nurse
Most Simplistic
Male-Golfer...without a golf club even
Female-Sports fan....just wore a team hoodie
Most Elegant/Classy
Female-Homecoming Queen

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