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How many have your name?

So as it turns out, there are 808 people in the U.S. with my first and last name....or rather, maybe they had the first and last name combo first, and 'I' have 'theirs.' Regardless, those are the results of me being back out of bed at 2:21am. Normally, I wouldn't pass on this sort of crap, but whatever...here's more:
  • There are 734,923 people in the U.S. with the first name Jessica.
  • Statistically the 61st most popular first name.
  • More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Jessica are female.
  • Names similar to Jessica:
    • Jesse
    • Jessi
    • Jessie
"Back in the day," (I dislike that phrase, by the way...I'm not old, and I don't have a "back in the day" yet) Jessica was the number one name on the charts. My mom had it picked out since she was younger (used to play house with my name and knew she'd name her first daughter "Jessica" although she planned on spelling it completely different). This thing claims that I'm at 61st now, but I'm going to assume that that's names over all....not just female names....because Jessica still ranks at 27th on those charts.

It's pathetic that that's probably the most personal I've gotten in this blog so far. I can't really talk about myself here....just my quirky thoughts...so we've let a site analyze my name with statistics and we'll slap the label "personal" on it anyway.

Oh, and fyi, because I go by Jessi quite often, I typed that one in, too. Obviously not many kids are actually 'named' Jessi (well, Jesse for boys, but not as a girl), but I found it interesting that when it popped up the similar names, "Jessica" and "Jane" were the only two listed. It didn't list "Jesse" or "Jessie" at all.....and where did "Jane" come from? Hmmm...

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