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I'm posting mostly over at Quirky Cookery right now, where I play with my food and teach you to have fun with it, too. Come check me out?

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And just for the sake of more random WikiHows that you might want to click, here's a few currently featured articles or popular ones pulled from their top 50 there...

How to Stop Cutting Yourself
How to Regain Control of a Spooked Camel--Here's one I'm sure you use everyday....
How to Save a Wet Cell Phone
How to Make a Chain from Starburst WrappersHow to Cheat a Polygraph Test-And this doesn't mean I condone the practice, but if you must...hehe
How to Sweep a Girl Off Her Feet
How to Exercise While Sitting at Your Computer-And if you're sitting here with time to read this, you could probably use a bit of exercise at your comp, huh?
How to Drink More Water Everyday-And we could 'all' learn to drink more water...

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