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Ramble Behind the Next Post

(This post started off being titled "Time Consumers," but then I got off on a random description of what I was going to post instead of actually posting it, so now the actual purpose of this entry is being bumped to a new one...hehe)

For many of us, our time is viciously eaten up by school or work or both....toss in family and a halfway decent social life, and that leaves little time for showering, eating, and sleeping, not to mention those added bonuses here and there that a few of us would like to actually indulge.

Now, of course, judging from how many posts I've added to this blog already, most of you would assume that I have lots of time on my hands, when in all actuality, I'm just replacing other things with this new found habit.....and I can guarantee that I am *always* doing something else while blogging (which means, when you run across a typo or I start making less sense than usual, that's why).

My next several blog entries will come from my multi-tasking skills being put to use. Today, while sitting for two hours in an econ experiment where I made $97.60 cash for doing next to nothing, I spent probably an hour of that total hitting the NaBloPoMo randomizer and copying/pasting links that were worth my 5 seconds of time. Because I made that random cash and I spent the majority of the time finding links that I felt work re-link worthy, I feel no shame in being able to spend a few minutes here and there typing up my findings. And that's exactly what I'm going to do now that it is once again 4:30 am and I've already completely two major papers and have outlined two more. I have the entire weekend to finish them up and start the next set, so I'm already ahead considering it's only Thursday morning and I only have one class to attend tomorrow.

/ramble.....begin next entry instead....

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