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Pop vs. Coke vs. Soda vs. Other

That, my dearies, is a map. Clever, huh? Now what is that a map of, is the real question to be answered.

That's a color coded map of places labeled according to what they refer to soda as. You'll need to click the picture to make it large enough to view or use this link to see it on its own page. The blues are the 'pop' people (or as Ohioans call it "p-ahhh-p").....reds are the Coke people (regardless of whether it's actually a Pepsi product or some generic brand, it's called Coke anyway)....yellows are mine with 'soda' (because duh, that's what it is.....it doesn't matter what brand it is, it is soda...say it with me...'so-duh'....)...and the greens are the 'other' category.

If you're from one of the first three areas, you may have no idea what 'other' could include, but trust me, it includes plenty. Of course, there are the few die hard Pepsi fans that will call it 'Pepsi' no matter what, similar to those Coke people. Then there are the few variations like saying 'cola'....'soda pop'....and 'soft drink'. But my least favorite of the bunch is what one of my aunt's and her family calls it. Sodie. Yes....can you get me "sodie" please. Wrong. As much as I *despise* when it's called 'p-ahh-p', sodie almost ranks lower....but the only reason it doesn't rank much higher is because I'm exposed to the 'p-ahh-p' on a much more regular basis, unfortunately....and so it's much more irritating. P-aahhhh-p. *Cringes* It's even written all over posters, flyers, and ads as such. Why??
And if you go to the main site, you can look for your state and county and see people's actual comments about the subject. I ran across the site a couple years ago and somehow managed to stumble across it again (I've really gotta get this stumbling issue under control...). It's a different map now and I'm not sure if the stats are new, too, but the general idea is still the same....and rather accurate....

Here are some of the comments I ran across from my current state:

  • Doesn't matter as long as there's a good bit of Jack Daniels in it, otherwise I can't taste it
  • A Mr. happy drink
  • Dear web designer, you should have put a limit on the number of characters that can fit in this field. It would eliminate a bunch of wordy, mostly irrelevant responses. Like this one. (hehe)
  • Hydrochloric Acid
~Edit out picture~
Other places (and I only looked at 4 others, so if you're curious about the rest, go look for yourself):
  • Pamplemousse
  • fizzy drink
  • In Ebonics we say Peeyop. Like Beeotch, it's the correct term for the african american male. Females shouldn't drink pop or soda or any other carbonated beverages. They should only drink malt liquor until they pass out and then become willing members of the african american sex slave culture. I know using african american and slave in the same sentence automatically makes one a target for the racists but that's the breaks.
  • tonic ( I saw this 'several' times...I've never heard it called that unless it's as in 'gin and tonic')
  • Monkey Piss
The end....

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