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What Accent--Part 2

(Photo courtesy of: http://errare.de/fraktale/index.html)

Okay, so remember when I posted a randomness about accents? Well, it turns out, that little quiz/chart/analyzer thingy caught like wild fire in the blog world. I've been randomizing to comment on other people's blogs here and there, and it seems like I keep seeing this thing over and over and over again, lol...and I was guilty of helping spread it in the very beginning. My apologies....really. But while I'm here, I might as well rat some of those people out that I've run across recently and who are continuing the blog fad. Why? Because I feel like...and because I like linking to other people's places. It's fun giving them their five seconds of Jessi fame and I've had quite a few interesting conversations with people because of it...so I'm going to do it again. Here are the Accent people:

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