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Quirky Jessi...That's Me!

(I wanted to wave....It obviously has 'stockphoto' written across it, but I couldn't pass up such an interesting wave!)

So, remember the nose piercing post I made last week-ish? Long story short, I commented on her, she commented on me....we emailed back and forth a time or two, and a few days later, I found myself mentioned on her site. Kind words about my kind words....and now I'm going to put the attention on her again because what she said was so nice. The entry itself was about the "How many of me?" blog thingy I almost didn't post....but now I'm glad I did because I enjoyed reading 'her' blog about it, lol.

Now for all of you readers who didn't check her out last time....for those who did and want to see more....and those who just want to go see why on earth any person would say anything nice about me, please meet the woman now known as "Mrs. Lisa Not-Good-Enough-To-Be-Included-No-Name." Hehe.

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