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The Wonderful World of Knuckle Tattoos....

I'm not sure how I stumbled across this site. It has been sitting in the recently created folder in my firefox bookmark bar labeled "ThingsB." If I had more room to spare, it'd, of course say, "Things to Blog," but I don't and it isn't. I could say BlogThings, too, but that's already been taken (and now shortened to BThings to avoid nosy fellow employees when I'm at work who like to stop and chit chat....what I have on my toolbar is none of their business, lol) for the various things that I use on my blog, like counters, color codes, and a few other things that you don't want to know about. Shhh...

So right, it's been sitting there, and now it's not...because now I'm going to tell you about it. Knuckle Tattoos (yes, I linked again because I don't expect you to go back up and click a link just to figure out what I"m talking about) has numerous pages full of people who have tattoos across their knuckles (creative name, huh? :P). They even have double deckers listed for those with stacked sets of letters or symbols. Some might expect it to be full of ones like this:
But it gets crazier (and I in no way mean that as a bad thing....crazy is good!):
I didn't mention that they each have a short blurb about them, did I? It usually gives the story about what their tats mean. Here's this guys:

These beauties belong to Anima from Boston. The reason he got this design was because he is an audio/mastering engineer.
They get more creative and/or insightful, too:
The reason?

Nerdcore. This is a function for a mathematical singularity. When x=0 this function fails to compute. As x approaches zero from either direction, it approaches either negative or positive infinity. Cameron had this to say about his tattoo:

I got the tattoo because I like the idea of math not being well behaved. That sound’s lame and I really don’t mean that in some kind of A is for Anarchy type way. I just think that its kind of nice that something as perfectly fuctional as math can kink up around the edges.

Deep, huh? And for the gamers out there:And...

I'm gonna link again because this page (notice that I've only made it through page 3) has some description that just has to be read and I'm not going to copy and paste all the different photos and their specific descriptions that go with them. They list a few that are more than just double deckers, and they're interesting. Like this one:
And this one (he has a spider on his palm, too...):Little much for you? Well there are more subtle ones, too....
This lovely young lady here is named Gretchen and this is what she has to say about her knuckle tattoo:

It’s for my cousin J.W. that’s in the Navy. He has an anchor on his arm. I never get to see him now that’s he’s in the Navy.

What a way to support the troops.
How about simple, but full of even more meaning? I wonder how many times he's told this story...
"Its from an old system of hobo symbols. Whenever a hobo would get to a new town they would leave messages for other tramps about the quirks of that perticular town. Like “the cops here will try and kill you” or “the old lady who lives here will give you food” this one means “this is a good place to rest” which is what i needed at the point in my life when i got them. It’s also the meteorological symbol for mist… go figure.

I absolutely love it. And now on to one that didn't take much thought:
When asked why he chose the name of his home town he replied, “Well, it’s got eight letters and I’m always going to be from there.

*Giggles* Is it bad that I first read that as "sha-mokin'?" As in, if something is 'on fire' it's "shaaa-mokin'!" Hehe. It's 3:30am...leave me alone.

From there, you're on your own. I only linked to a handful out of the 9 or so pages worth, so there are a ton more....some are typical ones that you'd expect like "hard core" and "survivor" but there are certainly others. Now I'm left wondering what I would put on mine. Maybe I'd just label them "knuckles" and leave it at that....

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