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My dear viewers, this one's for you. Okay, so actually, it's for me, I guess, but it's *about* you.


Four commas in one sentence? No, it's not uncommon for me, but geesh, it can still be annoying and noticeable. Comma, comma, comma. Poor things. I guess they enjoy being used, but what if they start feeling abused instead?

*Unpause*So right, yes, I have viewers. You may or may not be one of the regulars, but it doesn't make much difference to me. I didn't expect to have this many people even occasionally stopping by, much less this many regulars after only a month (read-I didn't expect many viewers *ever*). Most of the driveby viewers completely randomly get here by clicking links on someone else's blog or using one of two 'randomizers.' Only a few of you are people I actually know, at this point, so that's kinda cool.

But what makes any of it worthy of blogging? Those few people who have gotten here through search results. I mentioned early on how my Gangbanged Duck rape post was going to get random sexual searchers like my NYC naked cowboy post from my summer Xanga account did. Surprisingly enough, I haven't gotten anyone who's searched for that stuff, so again, that's kinda cool.
Is there a point? Yes, I'm glad you asked! :P I want to mention those few lone searchers that stumbled here, completely unaware of what they were getting into, and whose searches stood out enough for me to....well, mention.

The first one caught me off guard because it could've been so incredibly personal. As my About Me section says, I want to keep this completely public and if I wouldn't want my mother reading it, I wouldn't post it. That doesn't mean I actually expect certain people to ever stumble across this. So to my surprise, when someone somehow got here after searching for details about an accident that happened in my birth town, I was a bit caught off guard.

For you to understand a bit more, you'll need to know that I've moved around quite a bit, that I only lived there for a year or two after birth, and that it's a rather small, secluded town that no one's ever heard of. It's one of those no name places out in the boondocks that if a person gets out, they don't go back unless they have to, and they certainly don't mention the name ever again. I obviously haven't posted the name myself, but because it's a two part name, one of my long posts just happened to have had both parts in it....and it had the date they were looking for. It brought back a sudden whiff of nostalgia I didn't know I had, lol. It's obviously no one I know, but what a coincidence (do you believe those exist?) that something so secluded and random brought them here!No worries, the next two take far less description and are slightly more fun to look at, hehe.

"what does jessi want for christmas" I mean, who searches for that?? I want to know who Jessi is, and why on earth she'd publish her christmas wish list online without giving a direct link to those she wants to view it. I could put the blame on the searcher, though, and go into possible details that I really want to mention here, lol.So me, being who I am, curious in nature and quirky in presentation, went and searched for this. Low and behold, there I am, with the very first page being a link to my post about Christmas shopping rules. At first I thought, that's definitely not what he/she was looking for, but then again, I did have a picture of a crotchless underwear posted, so maybe that 'is' what he/she wanted after all. Granted, if that's the case, he/she would probably want them to be modeled instead, but hey, if it's my wish list, I have to have them in hand before I can model, right?
The last one that I'll mention for now (because once again, it's 4am when I'm posting....my best excuse for not doing something more productive is that my lights are off and it's not the greatest idea to be writing articles at this time....so I write blog entries instead), is

"firefox bookmark bar" double
And yes, there's a reason I put it on a separate line instead of merely quoting it like I did in the last one. Notice that this guy (instead of using he/she, we're going to break a major rule here and assume, for the sake of simplicity, that it's a male) is a bit more savvy with his searches. He's taken the time to quote a specific portion of his search desire and add yet another modifier at the end. The problem, though, is that the fourth result down is my post about double decker knuckle tattoos, lol. Poor thing. He was off searching for a way to have his firefox bookmark bar on two rows (and yeah, I'm assuming this, but considering I recently desired the same thing, I feel his pain and know this was likely his intent....awwww.....it's a match made in, uh, google searches!) and instead, he got random pics of people who like tattooing their fingers. I almost feel bad for the guy....but then my mind is off and running again, thinking about other randomness....randomness, that although perfectly random and bloggable (it claims that's not a word, but I beg to differ), doesn't belong randomly blogged in this random blog, because it really wants to be in a completely separate random blog entry. Hehe...

Oh right, and before I forget, a shout out for all you blocked referrers who have "internet security software or browser settings set to the term "blockedReferrer" or "hiddenReferrer", rather than the true referring URL information." It's not like I can find out anything about you anyway, but geesh, I just wanna know how you got here! Lol.

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