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Okay, so I'm not one to post videos....I'm not even one to really 'watch' videos usually, unless someone passes it along to me with a "you 'have' to see this" and that's only if that person doesn't regularly send me videos....otherwise, they're merely ignored with all the other forwards and spam that trickles (floods?) into my inbox over time.

This is the exception, though.

This one wasn't even sent to me. I don't remember how I stumbled across it (I seem to be losing track of the sequence of my net travels more and more often...), but it doesn't matter. What does matter is, it's worth you watching. It's worth taking 2 1/2 minutes (it says 3, but there are credits at the end that you don't 'have' to watch) out of your busy day to watch Kiwi. Really. I obviously wouldn't be passing it on and breaking all my own personal rules if I didn't think you could afford to spend a bit of time with this little guy. Its description from YouTube is "My Master's Thesis Animation."

A bit of a warning, though (and I'm hoping you guys are reading this while the video loads or read it first because otherwise, this warning is useless)...if you're feeling a bit emotional, this probably *isn't* the video for you....not right now, anyway. Yeah, it's kinda quirky....it might even make you giggle and go "wtf??"...but then it's going to slip that dreaded word/phrase/sound "awww..." into your mind, and you could even feel your heart skip a beat when you realize what's happening....but you should still watch it.

*Pets Kiwi*

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