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I was going to avoid posting here until I finished up these last major papers, but I just couldn't do it, lol. I'll only be here for a few, but it seems so foreign to go several days without posting 'something'. I 'am' making major progress with the papers because of my own personal rule and I'll likely write about a few of the discoveries here later, but for now, if I can take breaks elsewhere online, then I see no real harm in doing it here, too.

First things first, a couple weeks ago I found the perfect excuse for linking to other people's blogs. Now I've known about Technorati for quite a while, but I had no desire to sign up because I don't even use the labels within Blogger itself, so why would I go to an outside source to do it, even if it meant possibly bringing me more traffic? I wasn't really concerned with the latter part of that, so I didn't even explore it. As I entered a writing realm elsewhere, though, one of the smaller sections involves blogging, and I realized that a lot of people make it a huge competition and constantly follow their rankings......the rankings that involve keeping track of how many places they're linked from. Although I still have no desire to do that for myself, I do feel like I'm doing a bit of a good deed by linking to blogs that I find interesting because if the person 'does' keep track of it, then he/she is probably happy to see another link pop up on their screen and his/her ranking go up.

Maybe I'll explore the world of tagging/labeling my own posts later, but I have a really hard time categorizing them and I'd probably spend too much time fiddling with it, so for now, I'm content with continuing to link to other people when I so choose, because well, I enjoy doing it. Ah, the pleasures of being able to make a sentence include however many words I want to it to, instead of being told to chop it down because of people's attention spans. Here, I'm not obligated to please you guys. :P

MaR said...

I use the Technorati tag only thursdays and only because it is included in the Thursday 13 meme! I don't have time to follow the links, just as I very seldom take a look at my blog's stats...happy thursday !

Eagle Eye said...

I liked your insight on sexy cows! People are pretty messed up huh?

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