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Time Consumers--Funniest/Fairest Info Pics

So yeah, right...time consumers (and notice that I didn't call them 'wasters'), that's what I was talking about. Hehe. Hey, it's almost 5am at this point so anything I type cannot but likely will be held against me. I'd like to see you try to actually do something about it, though. :P

On with the linkage!

So Quirky Jessi is getting this link from One Tired Mom who got the link from Squid Ink who I can almost guarantee clicked a link somewhere else that got her there. This is how online trends and rumors get started ya know? More about that later as I re-discuss the accent thing, though...

This entry's prized link is Funniest Info. You're randomly given two funny pictures and you choose from the two....and then repeat....and repeat again....and over and over again until you realize that dinner is burning or you're late for work or that you've suddenly lost the urge to pee because you've waited too long. I'm sure it really can be addicting, but I was too busy copying her link to an email draft to spend much time there. Now it's sitting open in its own little tab up there just taunting me...saying "click me, click me"....and I know as soon as I do, the two competing pictures will begin whispering "pick me, pick me." I can picture it now...there'll be a cute kitty cat (I've seen a lot of cute kitty pictures) on one side using her soft, fuzzy, soothing meow to persuade me and on the other side will be a hilarious sign of some sort that will laugh its way into my click.

Okay, so now I actually have to go click it to see what it has, heh. Lmao!! I was close...except, the cute kitty was on the right (I implied it'd be on the left)....and on the left was, um, well...this:

I'm really not sure what to do with that, lol.

And five minutes later, I'm back. Some of them aren't that funny at all, sadly enough, but enough of them are quite funny to keep people coming back, I guess. Another little perk of this time consumer is its Top List which updates continuously to rank those with the most clicks as the 'funniest' of the two random pictures. Currently, these cute kitties can be found on that list...
~~Edit, edit, edit~~

I didn't realize they had an adjoined site called The Fairest, too. This one begs you to choose which picture is prettier and there are some absolutely gorgeous photos that come up. The current choice I was given is:or...And just how am I supposed to make a decision like that?

They only get better from there. You can see random funny pictures anywhere on the net, but some of the photos I'm being shown are the best ones I've ever seen. If you're going to 'consume' time, definitely spend it on this portion of the site. Holy cow....

(Click to make them larger if you want to fully enjoy...)

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