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You're Living In The Year 2006

So I told you my list phase would last for a bit...and then I didn't post any more, lol. Here's one for the road:

Thirteen Signs That You're Living In The Year 2006
1. You accidentally enter your PIN number/password on the microwave. I can't say that I've done it on the microwave because the one I currently have is one of those really old ones that is attached to the mini-fridge, and it has a dial...not a number pad....but I *have* started putting it into my cell phone, and I've started putting my voicemail passcode into where my pin should be.

2. You haven't played solitaire using real cards in years. Ha! Wrong. I played with real cards over the summer...when I worked at a camp and we were isolated from everything else, of course, but still, it should count for something!
3. Your idea of vegging out at home is turning on the a/c, lounging on the lazyboy and watching cable or dvds on your flat screen tv while eating microwavable popcorn. Wait. I'm confused. My way of vegging out consists of having my laptop sprawled out in front of me along with the rest of that....but I'm trying to think of how I 'vegged out' before. :S

4. You have a list of 15 different numbers each to reach family members on your cellphone. Yes. Well, no....but close. Dave can vouch for this one as I picked a number at random to call him because I didn't remember which one was the number I was supposed to actually call. I think it was only 5 that I had listed for him, though....but it wouldn't surprise me that in the next few years I'll have people with even more numbers listed (home phone, cell phone, spouse's cell phone, work phone, work desk line, home fax number, work fax number....)

5. You email the person who works at the desk next to you. 'I' don't...but I know people that I work with that do, so it still applies.

6. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is because they don't have email addresses. Well duh....but even if they did have email, some of them I wouldn't stay in close contact with because all they'd do is send me forwards.
7. You pull up in your driveway and use your cellphone to check if anyone is home to help you carry in the groceries. Nope, because I can do that myself....but back at home, I've called a few minutes before I planned to arrive, so they'd know that when I got everything in, that they'd be expected to help put them away.

8. Almost every commercial on television has a website at the bottom of the screen. Now this one's a bit behind. You see, now every commercial has a *myspace* website address at the bottom, especially the latest movies.

9. Leaving the house without your cellphone (which you survived without for the first twenty or so years of your life) is now a cause for panic, making you turn around to go back and get it. Actually, I've done this one. It's not a regular thing, though. If I happen to forget it (how could I do that? It's a habit, but let's talk hypothetically here), then no biggie. But there have been times that it would've been considered unsafe not to have it with me (yeah, I know, 50 years ago they didn't have them at all, but now, because they 'are' available, it's nice to have them as that extra safety measure)
10. You get up in the morning and go online before getting your coffee. Wrong! But only because I don't drink coffee. It's gotten to where I'm online before I take that first morning pee, though....not that you asked, but I'm sharing with you anyway. Feel special. :P

11. You've forgotten how to mail a letter. Wrong again! But it's mainly because of the girlies at home whom have never really gotten mail, so I've made a habit of sending them little notecards telling them how much I love them and miss them. And over the summer, I sent handwritten letters to my best guy friend because I had limited net access. But they're right...in general, people don't use snail mail at all.

12. You never go to the bank. Online banking is the way to go. True, true. I have a check setting on my dresser from over a month ago that I have yet to cash simply because I never go to the bank. My check is automatically deposited, bills are paid online, I shop online, I transfer money online, I do it all right there and there's really no reason for me to really go into the bank any more. I doubt the tellers really want one more customer anyway, so I don't think I'm missed much.

13. You can probably stay at home one whole year as long as you can get take-out, order groceries, clothes, appliances and whatever else via the web.
I do that anyway, don't I? With the exception of going to classes and work, I stay in....and those I'd do online if I could, lol. Yes, pathetic, I know, but isn't it wonderful?

Okay, so does that mean I'm only partially living in the year 2006 since I couldn't agree that I'd done all of them completely? :S

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