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Okay guys, so I'm still here. I headed back home last Friday with the intentions of being here for a few weeks....but was immediately swamped and haven't had much time to be here on my blog. To make matters worse, I'm using someone else's computer because my laptop isn't configured for the internet connection they have so I can't just switch cords and be on mine. 'That' means, all of my bookmarks are over there, and I won't be visiting the majority of you for a while. Sad, I know, but it's really quite the pain to have the laptop opened in front of me to copy down all the addresses when I want to visit them. A break won't hurt me anyway, right?
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Ya know what really sucks, though? I have to use IE here. I'm so tempted to download firefox like I did the last Christmas break, but it irritates my mother, so I'm trying to avoid it. I've been here a mere few days, and it's seriously driving me crazy. I didn't realize how many errors and problems IE had until I had been switched over to firefox for so long and tried coming back to IE. Bleck. Really....bleck!

Anywho, on top of the effects that the funky schedule, the loss of bookmark access, and the dreadful IE issues will have on this blog, I feel the need to warn you that this may indeed start to read like a 'mommy blog' for the next few weeks. It's not intentional, but I'll have my girlies the majority of the time, and it's hard not to mention my pride and joys while I'm here. Besides, kids say some of the cutest things, and why should I resist taking advantage of their blog material?

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