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Secret Santa Blogging Event

This post is actually just to pass it along to other regular bloggers about the Secret Santa event that's going on. Here are the guidelines and here's another little snippet of extra detail. Basically, it's the standard Secret Santa idea among bloggers with no strings attach. Post your wish list and some little elf may come along to grant your wish. Spread the holiday cheer by surfing through other people's lists and making them come true. You don't have to spend any money....one person's trash is another person's treasure....or it may not be a material item at all. I won't be participating because, well, I have a hard enough time telling my own mother what would be okay to give me....I certainly couldn't write a list in hopes of other people coming along and fulfilling them. I my just browse some lists, though, and see what I can do. ;-)

(Or, if you're just in the mood to give, in general....here's another little contest/event that follows the whole Pay it Forward trend. Do something nice....anywhere....)

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