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Snark Attack Pt. 2--The Invasion of Snarkiness

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Not only have I run across even more mentions of 'snark' since Snark Attack, but I've also been referred to Snarkland and heard it on tv. I don't even 'watch' tv usually, and there I am, at work, and hear the word "snarkiness" come out of some character's mouth from the screen that someone was watching. Geesh!

And heck, while we're at it, let's give Snarky Puppy their five minutes of QuirkyJessi fame, too. Check out this:
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Yeah, that's right. The flugelhorn. You got a problem with that?


Actually, it gets better. Look where I found that: http://www.sitmom.com/Pages/snarkypuppy.html

Yes. SnarkyPuppy from sitmom.com. Cute, huh? Actually, they have snarkypuppy.com as their own. And I don't feel bad about saying anything about the flugelhorn because I'm linking all over the place to them and watch, I'm going to do it again. I was curious enough to go listen to samples of their music, lol....which 'you' can hear right here. Go ahead. You know you don't want to, but the curiosity is going to make you do it anyway. *Hypnotizes you*

Oh wait, you don't even know what kind of music it is...."The freedom and spontaneity of jazz, the depth and passion of world music, the energy and infectiousness of pop, and straight-up dirty groove of funky soul music manifested in a 9-piece band from Texas. Seriously." Uh huh, there it is folks. Snarky put into music. Who knew? First in 1906, then it spread rapidly across the internet, television, and even music.

Can I hide now?

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