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Sneaky Cheap

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So if you're been around the internet long enough (and you haven't stayed secluded to your own little corner), then it's like you've seen this site a time or two. If you haven't, go check it out now...and if you have, well, check it out again, because it's been updated with lots of new items (listed in white). You'll see small things like taking the ketchup packets from restaurants so you don't have to buy your own bottle....to larger (and more illegal) things like buying a digital camera, removing the memory stick, and then returning it (yikes!). It's pretty interesting to skim through....see how many you've done yourself without even thinking about them.
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I could go on and on about it, but hey, you can go look for yourself. What I really want to talk about is the header on the site (yes, the one at the top of this post). Obviously, it says SneakyCheap (duh, that's the name of the site). What I can't get over is the highlighted portion in the middle....akyche. What the hell is AkyChe? In my mind, that sounds like "Achy Chi" and I can't help but wonder how they hurt their chi...and if they plan on fixing it. Was so much stuff stolen that they have permanently damaged their chi?

The idea of damaged chi really concerned me, so went and googled "chi damage." Number one on the list was answered the question of whether or not homosexuality damages chi (oh puh-lease)....and number four discussed the damage of the Chi-Chi earthquake (there were 2,415 deaths (including missing people)....I wonder if people have gone missing because of SneakyCheap site).
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But ya know, then I realized that I thought achy to mean hurt...as in damaged...when in reality, maybe it's just a stomach ache from a bug or from eating too many sweets (stealing too many items?)...or maybe, just maybe SneakyCheap is in love, and his sole existence is aching for another website that compliments its every purpose. But then...how does that tie into his chi? Maybe he already lost his love, and now his chi is aching for it to come back. Maybe it should try some acupuncture or a something to clear up its pains (after all, we don't want his aching chi to continue affecting everyone else's chi, too....it'd turn into a negative chi epidemic, and the world has enough of that already, right?). Or how about rearranging its list in a feng shui appropriate manner so that its chi can be freed up and become more positive?

*Sigh* But alas, I doubt I'll ever know why its che is aky....unless, of course, the owner of the site tracks back links to his site, in which case, let's hope he answers my questions! :P

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