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Lip Tattoos

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As a follow up to my post on knuckle tattoos, here's a tribute to those with lip tattoos. (You'd think I had a ton myself or that I was obsessed with tattoos....but neither is true....I find some interesting, but really, these just happened to cross my path and I decided to post 'em anyway...hehe). Apparently the site I'm looking at has tons of other tattoo categories, too, but it was the lip ones that were passed my way, so that's where I'll start.

Of course, he has everything copyrighted, and even has the whole "don't duplicate/republish" stuff, so I'll be nice and not show you a few here. It's unlikely that you'll head on over considering I don't have anything to tease you with, but whatever....his loss, not mine, lol. There really are some interesting ones, though....I mean, who thinks to put 'Vegan' on the inside of their lip? I'm lovin' the "thought crime" one, too....wonder why the inside of the lip is where these people chose to put their tats....

Oooooh!! Go check out the glow in the dark ones. There are 18 pages of those, as opposed to the 2 1/2 of the lip ones. Here's the main site if you're interested in looking at the geek tats, fairies, or even the removal ones (some are rather graphic, so careful). A ton more categories, too...

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Anonymous said...

I have this tattoo also...I hoped I was the only one.

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