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What I Learned About Anthropologists

  • They have their own set of writing guidelines. They don't use APA or MLA. No, they are special enough to have AJPA...The American Journal of Physical Anthropology...to make life harder for everyone else trying to write for them. Beware, though, if you're not an anthropologist and all you know is that you need to write in AJPA style, do not use Yahoo to search, because it'll think you're talking about the American Jewish Press Association (they have their own writing style section, too) or the Australian Journal of Public Administration. Who knew?
  • They don't fit the norms of making "Which came first...the chicken or the egg?" jokes. Oh no. They make jokes about "Which came first....the brain or the skull?" Don't ask.
  • They analyze your head shape. Yes. When they meet you, they immediately scope our your head (and if it's a female anthropologist, she's checking out the height of your forehead, too). From the mouth of my beloved Anthro professor:
    • Humans have soup can heads....you know....*shows a soup can with her hands and then places it over her head*....don't ya think?
    • You all have seen 'em....those people with weird ass shaped heads.
    • Like, the bouncer at a bar who shaves his head bald and you can't stop staring at how misshapen the back of his skull is.
    • I'm glad we're not like those cultures that used to shape their babies and kids' skulls when they were younger so they'd have cone shaped heads. Oh man....remember that show? The Coneheads. Yeah, they did that! Isn't that creepy? Kinda cool, though, that.........
    • Look at the length from the eyebrow ridge to the hair line, girls. When it's longer,....(I'm not going to actually tell you the meaning behind different lengths...it'll make you paranoid, lol).
  • They ponder the explanations behind the steam that rises from underground on Detroit city roads. They pose the possibility to their students that there are indeed steam trucks that dump the steam there. They settle on believing that instead, there are actually underground stoners causing it. --Okay, so maybe that one was just my Anthro prof. and not 'all' anthropologists....

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