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The Why--An Unnecessary Entry

The below started off as a quick explanation for the randomness that was to follow, but turned into 'blah' that doesn't need to be read. Ignore it and move on to the next post, lol.

Okay, so I have this horrible habit of writing. I used to write journals constantly, it seemed. I have numerous journals from when I was younger, but those were really hit and miss. When I hit middle school, right after one of my moves to another state, I started writing letters. My letters to friends started not getting sent because they were too personal and I wasn't close to those friends any more, so they sorta turned into journals from there. I'd sit in class and write for the majority of them (because I was ahead in education at the time and would finish the assignments in just a few minutes...then would have the rest of the class periods to myself).

There's a point, really, just bear with me. This continued well into high school, and spilled over into other areas of my life as well, including writing while in the car, while no one was in the office except me, etc.....eventually, it was harder to have a notebook with me, though, or to find the time to sit and write during other things like that. So what did I do? I jotted things on napkins, post its, receipts, my hand even, so that I could catch up later. I'd have lists of stuff that the majority didn't get written about in the end anyway, but that wasn't even the important part. When I started uni, I hit a point where I could no longer write. Things happened and I was scared to pick up a pen. Part of that was actually a result of not having the time to write before.....as in, I was scared that once I started again, I wouldn't be able to stop (I could write for two hours straight and suddenly snap out of a daze and not know a single thing I'd written without rereading it....and I'd have no way of getting out of it without something interrupting me, like a phone, so it was kinda dangerous when it came to time management).....not to mention that I really don't like being behind on things, so knowing that I couldn't possibly write about everything without being behind, kinda gave me the logic of "well if you don't write at all, then you're not behind....you're just choosing to no longer follow that path." Really just loads of B.S. to convince my weird mind that it was okay for a writer not to write.

Anywho, this is sorta my outlet for part of that now, although this is 'not' the stuff I'd usually write about in a journal (and no, it wasn't always personal stuff there either...). It 'has' however, revamped part of that habit where I jot down notes. I've always quoted teachers about certain things during lectures that either caught my attention or that I wanted to tell someone about later, etc. Well, my planner has also become the safe haven for all those little things that I decided I wanted to revisit later, whether it be from teachers saying something or a clip in a magazine someone showed me, or a random comment overheard in class, the hallway, etc. (I still have notes withing my notes, though.....in fact, I have an entire page in my Anthro stuff that was nothing but notes that didn't actually pertain to the class....and no, not the ones that were in the post before last either, lol).

So here I am, 3:45 in the morning, and I'm playing catch up with my planner. Scribbed in the "Don't Forget" sections, the headers, and even within almost each and every little box with a day on it (more often, it's actually scribbled diagonally across a few of them because I rarely actually use the planner for actual 'planning'....except, of course, to write on one page, not to forget said notes on 'another' page, lol), I have notes of things to look up, blog, post on forums, ponder further, etc. Well, I've been slightly busy with other things, so many of them got put off. Now that my finals are over, though, I'm back to going through them again because frankly, I don't want to "be behind" like so many of my old journal entries whined about.

Sometimes, though, that means that my little jotted notes don't make much sense any more or I have no idea why they've been jotted the way they have. That leads me to my next several posts.....which, in all honesty, I'd planned on having on 'one' entry....specifically 'this' entry, but this became a long ramble thing that doesn't have any significance to most of you, so it's going to be put in small text and tucked into the blog so that most people won't waste their time reading it. Hehe.

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