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A Cat's Contented Sigh, and Other Pleasurable Things

(Someone else's kitty...)

Just yesterday I was signed up for a page-a-day calendar email (because I now have an actual page-a-day calendar and it came with the code to sign up for another online) that pops up in my account every morning. I hadn't planned on paying much attention to it, and I certainly didn't plan on blogging about it (ok, so maybe that's a lie....after blogging for a bit, I think everything is somewhat viewed through blogger eyes). But this morning's caught my attention. The five things to be happy about for today are:

• red grapefruit
• crisp mountain air
• moisturizing lotion
• a cat’s contented sigh
• junk food on a road trip

I think I might like this whole calendar thing after all. It reminds me of various stories......like how out of allllll the different fragrances in Bath and Body Works, one of the little ones loved the grapefruit most. Sure, she enjoyed the holiday smells like gingerbread, cinnabun, and pumpkin pie....and she liked the flowery cherry blossom, and the traditional vanilla sugar. But in the end, it was the grapefruit she fell in love with and it was the lotion that the five year old walked out of the store with, grinning with glee.

Or how about that soft, almost inaudible sigh that a cat breathes out as it's relaxing? I can picture my own kitty, curling up on the window sill, basking in the glowing sun rays, and sighing deeply as she settles in for a midday nap. Does it get any better than that?

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